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  2. Hot springs, inside the facility

Hot springs, inside the facility

Please enjoy the leisurely space with hot spring water flowing from the source.

  • Hot Springs

    100% natural hot springs flow from the source and plenty.

    Kawatana Onsen, loved by Moriko, is considered to be one of the hot spring resorts in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
    Luxuriously relax with 100% natural hot spring water.
    You can also use it by visiting.
    Hot spring qualities
    sodium/Calcium chloride spring
    Two types of public baths (men and women are exchanged in the morning and evening.)
    Skin disease/Gynecological disease/burn
  • Health room

    The latest health equipment enhances your health improvement and relaxation effects.

    Improve blood flow, eliminate stiffness, and increase basal body temperature using foot massage, far-infrared heater, and AC magnetic therapy equipment.
    It is more effective when used in conjunction with hot spring bathing.Please feel free to use it.

    【Usage fee】
    ・Foot massage machine(10 minutes):300 yen
    ・AC magnetic therapy device(Half an hour):700 yen
    ・Far infrared whole body heat machine(Half an hour):700 yen
    ・Joba(15 minutes):300 yen

    Want to check your health with the latest blood flow observation measurements?

    With a special device, you can observe the state of blood flowing through the body without collecting blood in real time.
    If blood flow or basal body temperature is poor, facilities are available to improve them.
    In addition, the metabolism can be promoted by safe and light exercise by Jova.
  • Meals in Dining Hall

    Enjoy a relaxed meal in a relaxed Japanese space in a 73-square-meter hall.

    Dinner and breakfast will be served at this venue.
    Because it is a chair seat, elderly people can relax comfortably and comfortably.
    Please enjoy a bamboo garden meal in a spacious and open venue.

Hot Springs

Kawatana Onsen hot spring (100% natural hot spring)*Not including artificial hot spring

Number of bathhouses

[Open-air bath]Man:0 Woman:0 Mixed bath:0
[Indoor bath]Man:One woman:1 mixed bath:0
[sauna]Man:0 Woman:0 Mixed bath:0

Bath usage conditions

Use until 23:00(Closes at 23:00)
The following morning will resume at 6:00.

Bathing Tax

Bathing Tax Adults 150 yen, children 50 yen (4 to 12 years old) will be charged separately.