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Things to do

Enjoy the full course of Fuku in Shimonoseki! 2 days and 1 night to spend with Fuku Kaiseki cuisine plan.

Happy Special Advantages Included:Foot massage,Homemade plum wine
  • First day

    • 【15:00】Arrive at Takezono Ryokan by car

      Arrive at "Takezono Ryokan" through Kawatana Onsen Town!
      The parking lot (20 spaces) is free and many people can come by car.
      If you come by train, it is about 3 minutes by car or 20 minutes on foot from JR Kawatana Station.
      If you can reserve a free shuttle bus in advance, we will pick you up by bus.
    • 【15:30】Check In

      Thank you
      The staff will welcome you with a smile.
      Here you will be guided to your room after check-in.

      【Check In】
      From 15:30 to 19:00
    • 【16:00】Pure Japanese style room

      A 15-square-meter Japanese-style room with a full-blown Japanese-style Shoin style.
      With large floors, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the good old days.
      In the room, enjoy a cup of tea and the famous "Kawatana Manju".
    • 【17:00】The public bath is flowing from the source

      It is a hot spring from 100% source.
      You can refresh your mind and body if you soak yourself.
      Hot springs can be enjoyed twice in the morning and evening by changing sex.
    • 【19:00】Dinner Fuku Kaiseki cuisine plan

      Shimonoseki “Torafuku” purchased from the Shimonoseki market is exquisite!
      This is a multi-course meal (Fukuno full course) that you want to taste as much as you want.
      Whether you like the blowfish or the first time you enjoy it, I would like you to enjoy the taste of the blowfish, which has a different taste and a different taste depending on how you cook.

      One cup of homemade plum wine service
    • 【20:30】To health room

      We offer foot massage and far infrared heater.
      Improves blood flow, eliminates stiffness, and increases basal body temperature.

      One-time foot massage service
    • 【22:00】Going to bed

      Heal your fatigue and sleep in a relaxed mood.
  • the 2nd day

    • 【7:00】Getting up

      Good morning.
      It was a good morning with a good night's sleep.
    • 【7:30】Hot springs are replaced

      The scenery changes in the morning and evening at the hot springs with a gender change system.
      Please enjoy the luxury of hot springs.
      Of course, it is also effective for stiff shoulders and joint pain.

      【Open Hours】
      From 15:30 to 23:00 / From 6:30 to 10:00
    • 【8:30】Breakfast is Wajozen

      It is a Japanese set meal that focuses on seasonal ingredients, considering a menu that can be rejuvenated from the morning.
      Breakfast is prepared in the banquet hall (hall).

      【Open Hours】
      From 7:30 to 9:30
    • 【10:00】Check Out

      Check out and go sightseeing in Yamaguchi!
      The area is surrounded by gentle mountains and has many scenic spots.